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Discord ATC communications made easy


FSXCommer is an application that gets rid of hopping back to Discord to switch your voice communications channel. It allows players to use the in-game COM1 Frequency to switch their voice channel creating an immersive, realistic ATC environment. Self-hosted on the same computer as the server host, it reads game data and relays it to a Discord Bot in your server. It's simple to setup and completely free to use.


Not gonna lie, its kinda awesome. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Never have to worry again about alt+tabbing out to change your channel. Use your radio panels and let Commer take care of it for you.

Self-hosted & Secure

You're in control with Commer running on the host server. No users need to download anything to enjoy the benefits.


Notifications let the pilot know what channel they're in and who they are talking to, with toggling if you don't need them.

How it works

Experience a level of our quality in both design & customization works.

  • 1

    Analyzing Flight Data

    We decode the bytes from FSX using a wrapper called FSUIPC and check the Tail Number and Radio Com 1 Frequency against the Discord User and Channel.

  • 2

    Looking for traffic

    We then use the Discord Java API to match the data against users and channels in your specific Discord Server.

  • 3

    Setting the Radios

    Finally, the awesome Discord Bot that's watching all the traffic for you moves players and lets them know where they are heading.


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